Episode 1 with Alley DuFour

Alley Dufour teaches us about her life as a fruit farmer in Olon, Ecuador. She talks about the benefits of growing plants as she raises a family. Her 2 year old can name all of their crops and is often seen nude and in his farming boots feeding the chickens and playing with the baby goats. As a gardener she suggests always sticking to one goal/project at a time.

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Episode 2 with Joan Fuller

Joan Fuller gives us insight into how we can prepare for Spring planting. Owner of Hidden Pond Farm, she offers a flower club membership to anyone in the Vienna/Falls Church area to receive monthly flowering plants and expert tips so you can grow flowers of your own! Be sure to arrange to visit her farm or join her flower club. Joan raises funds for animal sanctuaries in the area. She is an amazing teacher and can teach anyone to grow flowers.


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Episode 3 with Dana Dimitroff

Dana has lots of knowledge about flower farming and running a mobile cut flower business. Since 2022 she has been learning to grow a cut flower garden. Now a confident grower, she does mobile pop-up sales in her cool pink GMC. She also has a u-pick garden and hosts flower yoga sessions in her yard. Dana's favorite place to have flowers is in her bathroom -they are the first thing she sees when she wakes up. Enjoy hearing about Dana as she shares her business and passion for all things flowers. Follow her on social media if you like flowers and gardening as much as she does! And look for her pink truck if you're ever up in Ontario, Canada.

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Episode 4 with Sarah Brunner

Sarah Brunner tells about her start as a flower farmer in Northern CA. Her newest project is their new Chevy flower truck they built that will be used for pop-up bouquets and flower bars. The Brunner Farm hosts workshops, paint nights, yoga sessions, u-pick and summer camps for kids. Sarah has an amazing amount of energy and ideas so be sure to listen and get inspired! Learn more about the Brunner Farm and check them out on social media. https://www.brunnerfamilyfarm.com/

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