About I Can Buy Myself Flowers

I Can Buy Myself Flowers is a community-based flower arranging business founded by Lisa. With a passion for flowers and a desire to share her knowledge, Lisa offers workshops and provides floral arrangements for various occasions. She has launched a podcast on gardening called Flower Power! Episodes are available on this webpage, on Spotify and on Apple Podcast. If you are interested in being a podcast guest, she would love to hear from you!


Our principles

We believe in the power of creativity to transform ordinary flowers into extraordinary arrangements. Our designs are ikebana in style and unique.

Community Engagement

We are dedicated to serving our community through floral art. We collaborate with schools, churches, and other organizations to bring the beauty of flowers to various events and occasions.


We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise in flower arranging. Through our workshops, we empower individuals to create their own floral masterpieces and discover the joy of working with flowers.


About Lisa

I came up with the name and idea for this company in April 2023 after getting my heart broken. After an expensive trip to Trader Joes, I surrounded myself with flower arrangements putting one in every room of my house. It helped - both the process of arranging them and the arrangements themselves. I was cheered up! I was surrounded by beauty and felt comforted and optimistic.

I thought about how many women wait for someone else to buy them flowers and then don't even get the kind of flowers or arrangement that they like. I grew up in Japan and my arrangement style is "less is more," simple and unique, as in the traditional art of ikebana.

I'm also an elementary school teacher and I started making arrangements for teachers and parents at my school this past April. I found it to be enjoyable, calming and therapeutic. I host an after school flower club where students arrange flowers, create holiday centerpieces and have the chance to unwind after a long day.

I have recently started to plant my own flowers. It's really nice having options in my front yard that I can use in arrangements. I have received so much support from family, friends, my school and the Vienna community. I'm very grateful and hopeful that this business will be a way to spread a lot of lasting joy! I'm also hoping I can teach people tips and tricks for planting their own flowers/gardens through my Flower Power podcast. My guests and I will discuss the benefits of gardening, how gardening has been therapeutic for us and of course we'll share our favorite tips/tricks (as well as our mistakes.)

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